Ben Sobaje

Santa Cruz, California

Ben and his family retreat towards Yosemite where they swim and play in their custom built playground.

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We drive our Acura MDX to go camping. It’s comfortable for longer drives and big enough for our family of 4 (including our dog!).


We try to cook on the campfire with a Lodge dutch oven. I like to roast lamb or cook Indian food. Otherwise, we’ve been using a Camp Chef stove. It gets hot fast!


Swimming at the river. We’re lucky to have many great ones in Northern California, but we’re partial to the Merced River that flows through Yosemite. I grew up going to it and have many fond memories of it over the years.

During the pandemic, we bought a piece of property outside of Yosemite. So, we spend a good amount of time there. To keep everyone entertained, we built a small playground. I’m not sure if the kids or adults have more fun.


We used to mostly sleep in a tent, but late last year we bought a tiny house on wheels. We mostly camp on our Yosemite property, so we’ve parked it there. Not having to deal with a tent every time we camp has been a game changer.

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