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Andy builds a suburban camping oasis in his Northeast backyard.

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Andy is a marketing and business development professional who currently has a side hobby of writing about being a millennial in today’s strange world.

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Over the pandemic, I didn’t get to travel as much to National Parks across the country as a severe asthmatic, but I didn’t want to lose my love for the outdoors. While being sedentary and confined at home had plenty of drawbacks, I overcame much of this by setting up my backyard area and patio as a wild escape.

There were two main purchases that were instrumental in creating a wilderness effect in my close quarters. My Solo Stove Bonfire has taken me through many nights. It’s so easy to use and smokeless, which is important as I’m not looking to have an asthma attack while admiring the stars. I love my Bonfire so much that I purchased two smaller Mesa Stoves for quicker burns as well.

PRO TIP: Buy your wood in chords from local plant nurseries and build good relationships. When you are ready, grab an ax and chop some of your own!

I didn’t expect an inflatable hot tub to become a staple of my everyday life, but it’s 2023, and here we are. As a Pisces, I’m always in search of a body of water and my Coleman Saluspa scratches that itch perfectly. I’ve spruced it up over time, adding disco light bluetooth speakers to the mix to really create some immaculate vibes.

Earth, wind, water, and fire are only a few steps away from me at all times.


When I purchased my Solo Stove, I made sure to grab all of its cooking accessories. It doubles as a heat provider and open flame stove.

That being said, my campground is filled with grills. From my Weber Genesis Steel Series propane grill to my Weber charcoal grill, I always have multiple options when it comes to preparing food in the great outback(yard). I use a Davos outdoor camping light to make sure I can see what I’m cooking at all times.

PRO TIP: Use a chimney to get your coals hot when opting for using a charcoal grill. Also, be particularly about your charcoal. I love Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal for a clean burn.

My favorite gadget in my yard has to be my Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill. My current setup doesn’t really allow me to purchase a standalone smoker, but this 7-in-1 does just that quite well and more. No one goes hungry when they come on over.


My ultimate way to kick back is starting with a dip in my hot tub, heading on over to the grill, preparing my food and then enjoying it over a fire. I generally turn on some 90s alt rock on my Sonos speaker and head into a nostalgic trance, complemented by either some tea or if the night calls for it, an adult beverage or two.


I’ve been known to fall asleep by the stars in my foldout lawn chairs more than once. It’s sometimes aided by a little bourbon.

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